fall in love with yourself
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Watching the moon disappear 🌚
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I could probably write a novel why I took this tattoo, but I try to keep it short: Paramore has been my favorite band since I was like 12 and they still are and I just love them and their music a lot.The lyrics “fall in love with yourself” from anklebiters are just basically something that Paramore has taught me during the years; it’s okay to be weird and well, just to be myself and not to care what anyone thinks about you. I can honestly say they have had a big impact on how happy I am with myself and how I’ve learned (and still learning) to love myself.

omg! this is such an awesome tattoo. definitely one of the best paramore tattoo’s i’ve seen! <3

i love this so much
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it’s 2014 and im still using hayley’s hair to tell how old paramore pictures are